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Cookies are files sent to the browser by a web server for the purpose of recording the users’ activities during their browsing time. By using cookies, both from the website and from related third parties, it is possible to find out multiple details about user activity; e.g., where the user accesses the website from, the connection time, the operating system used, the pages visited and other data relating to the user’s Internet behaviour (traffic parameters, number of entries, etc.).

It is possible disable cookies and still access this website, but this could interfere with the correct functioning of the website.

The cookies used in this website are always temporary and only associate themselves with anonymous users and their computer without being able to provide, on their own, personal data about the users. Cookies do not collect personal information that would allow a specific user to be identified.

Origin of the Cookie: Google Analytics
Purpose: Anonymous collection of browsing data for statistical analysis and website improvement purposes.

Origin of the Cookie: Google reCAPTCHA
Purpose: Advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to prevent malicious software from engaging in abusive website activities.

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