Vision Zero 2030


Vision Zero 2030 sets out the long-term vision for road safety policy in Portugal and establishes the corresponding strategic and operational goals, which will be implemented through biennial action plans that concur in a 10-year strategy, being based on the Safe System approach and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, the Stockholm Declaration and the EU objectives


As road safety is a shared responsibility and a commitment for all, the new strategy is a document that gathers contributions from the whole of civil society, so that everyone can identify with and contribute towards combating road crashes. In the development of the strategy, the following is guaranteed:

The technical quality of the strategy and action plans

A high participation rate with a broad diversity of contributions

Involvement of the main entities from the public and private sectors, and civil society

The inclusion of future challenges and alignment with other public policies

Credibility and feasibility

Based on past experiences, some principles have been identified for Vision Zero 2030 and more specifically for the several Action Plans

Drawing up the road safety strategy

The development of the road safety strategy included three phases prior to its public consultation and final approval:

Align the proposed general approach of the Portuguese road safety strategy with international and national commitments and common visions for this area

Analyse the state of Road Safety in Portugal and make international comparisons in order to identify guidelines and principles that are relevant for the new road safety strategy, recognise constraints in the implementation of the measures and interventions and establish guidelines for drawing up biennial action plans

Based on the results of the previous tasks, prepare the document that proposes the Portuguese road safety strategy for the next 10 years – Vision Zero 2030 – and the first draft of the action plan