National Road Safety Strategy 2021 / 2030

Vision Zero 2030

The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), in carrying out its planning and coordination work to support the Government’s Road Safety policy, is defining the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 – Vision Zero 2030, in accordance with the European Commission’s road safety policy 2021-2030, the Stockholm Declaration and the Safe System approach.

Vision Zero 2030 intends to establish a medium-term road safety policy in Portugal and define the strategic and corresponding operational goals, which shall be achieved through biennial action plans, starting in 2021 and which will cover a total period of 10 years.

Road safety is everyone’s shared responsibility. It requires shared commitment and effort, which must be accepted by the state, public entities, councils, infrastructure managers, organisations responsible for road safety and mobility, universities, the business sector, companies, organisations and associations, among many others, as well as by us, citizens, through our behaviour. Therefore, ANSR wants to include contributions from across the whole of society in Vision Zero 2030, so that everyone can identify with and contribute to the fight against road crashes.

Road safety is everyone’s shared responsibility and requires a shared effort by everyone

Despite the considerable progress made by Portugal regarding road safety in the last 25 years, with the number of deaths every 30 days falling by more than 75%, in 2019 more than 600 people lost their lives on the road. This figure translated to air transport is equivalent to three A320 airplanes falling out of the sky per year in Portugal, with no survivors. We are talking about fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, grandchildren, friends, colleagues who departed too soon and who are no longer among us. We are talking about more than one thousand families torn apart, thousands of people affected, and an annual economic and social cost for society of more than EUR 3.7 billion, 1.6% of the national GDP.

This is an unacceptable price to pay for mobility in an evolved society. We do not accept deaths in air transport, or in rail transport, and we should not accept them on the road either: the premise that no loss of life is acceptable has to be at the foundation of all the decisions made regarding mobility and road safety. Zero is the only acceptable number.

We have to redouble everyone’s commitment to road safety by formulating and applying effective and efficient public policies that mobilise the entirety of the central and local public authorities, the private sector and society in general. Only as such can a sustained and consistent reduction in road crashes be brought about and will significant results be obtained in the fight against their consequences.

We do not accept deaths in air transport, or in rail transport, and we should not accept them on the road either

The fight against road crashes is ANSR’s priority, but this will only be a winning battle if the different parties involved in the system and society as a whole accept their commitment and responsibility in this cause and if we work together towards a common goal – Vision Zero 2030.

This Vision Zero 2030 microsite has been created to disseminate the drawing up of the new National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 – Vision Zero 2030 – throughout its different phases, bringing to light the work carried out by all of society.

It is a platform that invites civil society to present its contributions with regard to the new Vision Zero 2030, and a means to disseminate and share the contributions received. Another function of this website is to provide the documentation related to Road Safety policies at national, European and worldwide level. Finally, as regards describing the current situation, this website also presents the most recent national road crash data.

If at the end of each working day we manage to save one life, we will be making an enormous contribution to a better future

We all have a huge responsibility in this fight. If at the end of each working day we manage to save one life, we will be making an enormous contribution to a better future and we will feel fulfilled through the best outcome any professional could hope for – saving lives.

Road Crashes are not an inevitability, are not unavoidable and can be successfully fought against. We are counting on everyone.

Vision Zero 2030 Strategy

Vision Zero 2030 will set out the long-term vision for road safety policy in Portugal and establish the corresponding strategic and operational goals.

Management Structure

A management structure was set up to carry out this project. The Vision Zero 2030 shall be implemented by the Executive Committee, under the coordination of ANSR.
This structure comprises
Icone Conselhos

Executive Council of Experts

Consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced people in the field of Road Safety, who have the mission of constantly monitoring the development of the Strategy, and providing contributions to its documents

Icone Conselhos

Non-Executive Council of Experts

Consists of around 30 experts in specific areas related to road safety, such as infrastructure, innovation, emergency, education, vehicles, inspection, communication, mobility, urbanism and human factors

Icone Conselhos

National Consultation Council (NCC) and International Consultation Council (ICC)

Responsible for reviewing the final documents

It's also part of the Management structure, the Project Manager. The members that make up this structure can be known by clicking the button below.