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The visaozero2030.pt website was created by the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) as part of the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, in alignment with the European Commission road safety policy 2021-2030, the Stockholm Declaration and in accordance with the Safe System approach.

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Terms and Conditions of Use

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5. ANSR reserves the right to make the changes it deems appropriate, adding, modifying or eliminating content or services provided through this website, and removing any contribution or comment that breaches the rules described above.

6. Notwithstanding the above, ANSR shall not accept responsibility for:
    a. The user’s opinions expressed through the tools enabling participation, which are supplied by this website.
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9. The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties are highlighted must be respected in all circumstances by the users.
10. It is forbidden to reproduce, publicly communicate, distribute, yield or transmit, modify or suppress the information, content or warnings on the website, unless previously authorised to do so in writing by ANSR.
11. This website is based on the assumption that road safety is a shared responsibility not only of the road planning, building, management, supervision and rescue services, but also of everybody who uses the road network.
12. Therefore, through this website, ANSR invites all civil society to submit their contribution to the definition of the “VISION ZERO 2030” objectives (or measures) by sending contributions using the “PARTICIPATE” section of this website.
13. By submitting the online form in the “PARTICIPATE” section, users declare that they have read and accepted, without reservation, all the terms, conditions, notices, and policies of this website.
14. By submitting your contribution, you consent that your contribution, as well as all data collected in the online form, will be processed by ANSR under the terms of the privacy policy.
15. You also accept that the content of your contribution will be assessed by ANSR for publication purposes.
16. After validation, ANSR may proceed with the publication of the contribution in the “CONTRIBUTIONS” section.
17. If you so indicate, ticking the option on the form, your contribution will be published with reference to your name and surname, as indicated on the online form at the time of submission, otherwise your contribution will be published without reference to the author.
18. Accordingly, by sending your contribution you declare that you accept that it will be published and shared with third parties, as described in the privacy policy.
19. The “send attached file” functionality is available to users only for sending contributions, and users should refrain from sending any other information or documentation.
20. By using the online form, users accept that any other items or information submitted may be subject to immediate deletion by ANSR.
21. This website does not require any other kind of registration, nor does it offer spaces to receive and respond to comments or any other system for user interaction.
22. Access to all sections and all content of this website is free of charge.
23. By accessing and using this website, the user declares, under his/her responsibility, to be of legal age and to have sufficient capacity to be bound by these conditions.
24. Portuguese law shall be used to settle any litigation or conflict arising from the interpretation of the terms, conditions, notices and policies of this website.